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Sissi - Handmade Press On Nails with Special Design - Reusable Nails with Nail Tools - XS-XL

Sissi - Handmade Press On Nails with Special Design - Reusable Nails with Nail Tools - XS-XL

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  • How to choose Your Handmade Press on nails:
    • Why BeautyBurst?

    【Luxury quality】-Nail Art Handcrafted by Professional Manicurists! Multi-step design and fabrication, more durable, stylish and luxurious than industrial mechanical manicures

    【High-end Salon Quality】-All Nail Art Sets provide high quality salon style .Healthy, non-toxic, no special smell,with UV protection coating to ensure your nails will not breakage and splitting.

    【Reusable】- Comes with a self-adhesive label, which can be easily removed after wearing. Keep reusing your fake nails! You can enjoy Press On Nails' perfect manicure at home.

    【Healthy】-Soft to the touch- Soak your hands in warm water for 10 minutes, gently lift the nails from the side, and remove easily without damage. Gently remove gel tags from false nails and store for reuse.

    【Application Kit】 - Comes with Double Sided Nail File, Cuticle Stick, Sticker, Cleaning Pad. If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, you can contact us at any time.

    • Products include:

    10 Pieces of Handmade Press on Nails, 4 Nails Tool Kit.

    Suitable for all occasions: daily use, work, weddings, graduations, date nights, special events.

    • How to USE?
      • How to remove?

      Soak your nails in warm water and gently peel off the pre-glued nails from the side after a few minutes

      Remove the glue sticker and keep the fake nail tip for next time use Note

      Please do not leave the acrylic nails in water for a long time, it will make the nails fall off easily

      Thank you for loving and choosing promake press on nails with designs.

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